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Mitsubishi Putting Resources Into Social Programmes

Posted by on 15 Feb 2023 under General

A big corporate like Mitsubishi not only trade globally, it is also part of every society in which it does business. The social health of each such community will contribute to a good business environment, so it makes financial sense to invest in these societies. But corporate responsibility goes beyond money, and through the years Mitsubishi has built up a solid reputation for getting involved and building the communities they serve.

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Major Facelift For The 2023 Mitsubishi Xpander Cross

Posted by on 16 Jan 2023 under Mitsubishi Xpander

Mitsubishi Xpander Cross


The Mitsubishi Xpander is well-known and well-loved in South Africa – a versatile 7-seater people carrier that looks and acts like an SUV. It gives you the ability to carry a lot of people, or a lot of stuff, or some people and some stuff, even people sitting next to each other with long cargo next to them.

The Xpander Cross, which hasn’t made it to South Africa, was launched three years ago with the basic Xpander we know, but with even more SUV cred.

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Battle Royale: Mitsubishi Pajero Sport vs Toyota Fortuner

Posted by on 15 Dec 2022 under Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport vs Toyota Fortuner


Comparing the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and the Toyota Fortuner can be a difficult task, as both vehicles have a lot to offer. However, there are some key differences between the two that set the one apart from the other in terms of driving requirements, driving style and budget.

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Battle Of The MPVs: Mitsubishi Xpander vs Toyota Avanza

Posted by on 21 Nov 2022 under Mitsubishi Cars, Mitsubishi Xpander

Mitsubishi Xpander vs Toyota Avanza

MPV Battle: Mitsubishi Xpander vs Toyota Avanza

The MPV segment doesn’t always get the attention it deserves but the seven-seater segment is more competitive than you may think. This brings us to the Mitsubishi Xpander and how it might compare to the Toyota Avanza since both are among the more popular people carriers.

So, if you’re looking for a family car that can seat seven people in relative comfort with space to boot, here’s a closer look at some of the features, driveability and performance of the Mitsubishi Xpander with some comparisons to the Toyota Avanza.

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Which One To Choose? The Mitsubishi Pajero 4×2 Or 4×4?

Posted by on 11 Oct 2022 under Mitsubishi Pajero

Which One Is For You - Mitsubishi Pajero 4x2 Or The 4x4?

Which One Is For You – Mitsubishi Pajero 4×2 Or The 4×4?

We all love the Mitsubishi Pajero with its seven leather seats and large wheels, its space and luxury features, all bought together by its rugged good looks.

The thing is you have a choice of two 4×2 and three 4×4 models, so which one is for you? They all have the excellent 2.4L DI-DC 8-speed A/T 4X2 engine that gives you 133kW at 3500rpm and 430Nm at 2500rpm, the same smooth 8-speed automatic transmission and so on.

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Reasons To Buy The New Mitsubishi Triton GL Single Cab

Posted by on 16 Sep 2022 under Mitsubishi Triton

Mitsubishi Triton GL Single Cab Back With A Vengeance

Mitsubishi Triton GL Single Cab Back With A Vengeance

Following Mitsubishi’s lengthy absence from the workhorse arena, the new Mitsubishi Triton GL Single Cab bakkie is specially designed for commercial users and fleet owners. This rugged, reliable and hard-working bakkie is the perfect addition to just about any type of business. With a powerful engine, big payload capacity and good overall build quality, no job is too big or too small for the Mitsubishi Triton GL Single Cab.

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Comparing The Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Hilux And Isuzu D-Max

Posted by on 11 Aug 2022 under Mitsubishi Triton

Which 4x4 Double Cab – Triton, Hilux Or D-Max?

Which 4×4 Double Cab – Triton, Hilux Or D-Max?

My grandfather once refused to buy a specific bakkie because the tail lights wrapped around the corners of the load bed, and these would have been knocked out within a week on his farm.
But the days of choosing a bakkie because you are a farmer or a builder are long gone unless you are a farmer or builder.

Thing is, most of us buy bakkies because they represent the lifestyle we want. Your top-range double cab 4×4 offerings today will give you more luxury and safety than a grand sedan ten or twenty years ago, as well as a load bed and major off-road capability.

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New Mitsubishi Outlander Range Delivers On All Fronts

Posted by on 12 Jul 2022 under Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander Range: Everything You Need To Know

Mitsubishi Outlander Range: Everything You Need To Know

Is the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander a good car? Let’s find out by taking a closer look at the current model in South Africa and by exploring the new Mitsubishi Outlander which has been launched in overseas markets. We will also answer some popular questions about this modern, stylish, robust and award-winning SUV.

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Exciting New EV Rolled Out In Japan By Mitsubishi Motors

Posted by on 24 Jun 2022 under New Mitsubishi Launches

Mitsubishi Launches Exciting NEW eK X EV in Japan

Mitsubishi Launches Exciting NEW eK X EV in Japan

The world of e-vehicle development is an ever-evolving space featuring the talents of some of the best and brightest engineering minds of our time, and we are very proud to reveal that Mitsubishi has been taking some major strides in this space.

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More Mitsubishi Dealerships Expand The Local Footprint

Posted by on 20 May 2022 under Mitsubishi News, Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Kuils River entrance

Mitsubishi dealers are growing in numbers

Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA) has had a busy few years albeit somewhat under the radar. In addition to a few new vehicle launches, they are now expanding their local footprint by opening more Mitsubishi dealerships. This comes on the back of a highly successful 2021 with noticeable growth in sales. They saw an increase of 47.5% compared to the same period in 2019 and 71.5% more than in 2020. “Last year will be remembered as one of recovery and consolidation for the local automotive industry,” said Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA).

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