What Does The Mitsubishi Extended Warranty Entail?

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Mitsubishi’s Extended Warranty Explained

When buying a new car, it comes with warranties covering labour and repairs for manufacturing defects. These standard warranties take care of the first few years of ownership but once they expire, how will you benefit from the Mitsubishi Extended Warranty?

Of course, most car companies will encourage you to take an extended warranty but it is your choice whether to use a third party or from the manufacturer/dealership. The idea behind warranties, and the Mitsubishi Extended Warranty, is to provide coverage over and above the standard option.

You are not obliged to take out an extended warranty but if you don’t, you will pay out of pocket if you have a breakdown. We take a look at what the Mitsubishi Extended Warranty entails and why it may be the right choice for you.

The Importance Of Extended Warranties

Regardless of brand or price, all cars inevitably break down and repairs can be incredibly expensive. The situation is even worse when a major component breaks as the price could be significantly higher. If your car has a three-year/100 000 km manufacturer’s warranty that’s about to expire, you should consider buying an extended warranty.

An extended warranty helps provide coverage beyond the standard warranty to maintain the vehicle for longer. It will help keep your vehicle running smoothly and hassle-free without being overly concerned about repair costs.

When researching extended warranties, it’s best to call around and get quotes specific to your vehicle. This means you can compare each company’s prices and get a feel for the level of customer service. Whichever option you choose though, it is a separate purchase and requires a once-off payment or monthly premium.

Mitsubishi Factory Warranty Explained

If you bought a new Mitsubishi and haven’t done too many kilometres, repairs could be covered under your factory warranty. Mitsubishi’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers most of the components on your car for 5 years/100 000 km (whichever comes first).

It guarantees that your car will be delivered free of defects and that Mitsubishi will cover the costs of labour and parts in the event of a breakdown within the predetermined time frame or mileage. There are some exclusions though which include the following:

  • Tyres are covered by the tyre manufacturer’s warranty
  • Air conditioner coolant is only covered for 12 months or 20 000 km
  • Audio units/bulbs are covered for 3 years or 60 000 km
  • Parts that wear out due to normal use are not covered (wipers and brake pads)

Understanding The Mitsubishi Extended Warranty

The Mitsubishi Extended Warranty adds 2 years/60 000 km to the standard warranty. This means that your car will have comprehensive cover for up to 7 years/160 000 km, whichever comes first. There are countless benefits to a dealership/manufacturer or third party provider but you need to do your research.

In many cases, pay attention to dealerships offering extended warranties from third parties as they often add their mark-up. This can result in the premiums being significantly more than working directly with a third party who can provide more extensive or longer coverage at a lower price.

All that said and done, the upside of choosing the Mitsubishi Extended Warranty includes the following:

It takes care of unexpected mechanical malfunctions and electrical failures

  • Qualified Mitsubishi technicians are at your service
  • They only use genuine Mitsubishi parts and components
  • The Mitsubishi Extended Warranty can be transferred to the next owner
  • It also increases the resale value of your car

An extended vehicle warranty is a smart choice but be sure to do your research and understand the contract thoroughly. The best companies will offer a free quote and answer all of your questions and concerns without any additional pressure to buy.

If you have an existing warranty on your vehicle close to expiring, the Mitsubishi Extended Warranty could be the answer. Visit our website to browse our wide selection of new and quality pre-owned vehicles and follow our blog for all the latest motoring news from around the world.

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