Mitsubishi L200 eSports Truck Turned Gaming Rig

Mitsubishi Truck King Battle

Mitsubishi Launches the ‘Truck King Battle’

Whether you’re a gamer or not, there’s no denying that the Mitsubishi L200 eSports Truck looks spectacular. Now, combine that audacious styling with a gaming rig and you’ve got yourself a sure winner.

That is what happened earlier this year as Mitsubishi Motors UK invited dealers to take part in something special called, the ‘Truck King Battle’. While the name sounds like a testing car versus car but it was a different kind of battle. Instead, this was a creative competition for Mitsubishi staff members to design their ultimate L200 (or Triton as its better known).

Mitsubishi ‘Truck King Battle’

The ‘Truck King Battle’ was proposed to UK Mitsubishi dealership in January, giving staff members an incredible opportunity to design their own truck. Once the concepts were in, the finalists were named and their designs were professionally and digitally rendered.

The ‘Truck King Battle’ resulted in five exceptional creations which can be seen on social media channels of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK. Use the hashtag #TruckKingBattle on Twitter and @MitsubishiUK on Facebook while Instagram is @mitsubishimotorsuk.

Rob Lindley, Managing Director at Mitsubishi Motors UK said, “The ‘Truck King Battle’ is a way of engaging with our dealers and getting them involved in a creative project, illustrating the opportunities for customisation and personalisation of our best-selling pick-up truck.”

The Winning Mitsubishi L200 eSports Concept

The winner was announced based on how much online engagement it received across all channels and the L200 eSports Concept gaming rig came out on top. It was even shown off at the Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show at the NEC in Birmingham 30 April – 2 May.

Designed by Joanne Tulloch, Sales Administrator at the Livery Dole retailer in Exeter, the L200 eSports concept had a major makeover. Mitsubishi tasked Ralph Hosier Engineering with modifying the L200 and the results are in. While it wasn’t easy fitting two functional driving seats onto the truck bed, it was well worth it. The L200 is also now 31-inches (78 cm) longer and 3-inches (7.6 cm) wider. They also had to design a special higher version of the load bed cover for more headroom.

Inside The Ultimate Gaming Rig

A closer look at what’s inside revealed two driving rigs in the truck bed, each with an Xbox One. The rig includes a Logitech G920 steering wheel, pedals and shifter together with a racing seat. The rig was running Forza Horizon 4 on curved, 24-inch LED screens while another set of 22-inch fold-out screens on the outside to entertain passers-by.

If you thought was impressive, Mitsubishi also fitted a refreshment bar with a coffee machine to add more comforts of home. That’s not all though as the L200 is also going green with a 150-watt solar cell mounted to the roof. This can charge four 105Ah deep-cycle leisure batteries to power everything for up to eight hours.

It’s not only for gaming though as it also comes with a roof-mounted light bar and alloy wheels fitted with big off-road tyres. What they’ve created seems to be the ultimate mobile, online gaming rig that can go anywhere. According to Joanne Tulloch, the design was inspired by her husband and family who are all avid gamers and this concept reflect all of their requirements and ideas.

Whether Mitsubishi will add the L200 eSports Concept to their overall line-up, only time will tell. However, whichever way you look at it, the ‘Truck King Battle’ has delivered some seriously impressive concepts and one would think it has to lead somewhere other than car posters on a wall.

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