Mitsubishi Putting Resources Into Social Programmes

A big corporate like Mitsubishi not only trade globally, it is also part of every society in which it does business. The social health of each such community will contribute to a good business environment, so it makes financial sense to invest in these societies. But corporate responsibility goes beyond money, and through the years Mitsubishi has built up a solid reputation for getting involved and building the communities they serve.

However, investing money and time in a ‘soft’ area like social issues requires a dedicated plan, or else it will fade into background noise. And a plan needs a name to become a thing and that name has to mean something.


Meet STEP. The acronym stands for Society, Traffic safety, Environment and People. Mitsubishi’s employees volunteer their time and skills, while the company uses its technology and products to find solutions to problems and strive to create better societies.


Mitsubishi provides a wide range of support to alleviate major natural disasters and emergency situations. This support includes monetary donations, equipment such as electric vehicles that can serve as emergency power sources, as well as its knowledge base in computers and creating databases.

Traffic Safety

Mitsubishi has an initiative called “Safety School” that teaches driving safety in several countries. The company also offers web-based traffic safety quizzes to teach children about traffic rules and manners. Children learn to identify hazards by looking at the illustrations, and are encouraged to think about these while imagining their day-to-day activities.

Forest Preservation and Reforestation

We know that forests are the green lungs of our planet and worldwide these are under pressure. Since 2006, Mitsubishi has been actively carrying out forest preservation in Japan, the Philippines and Thailand.

Thousands of new trees have been planted and massive education campaigns created around this issue.


Although Mitsubishi is involved in multiple industries, the company is best known for its excellent cars. The company provide teaching materials for social studies classes in primary schools, where pupils can learn about the automotive industry in an interactive way.

This service is unique to Mitsubishi and is widely used by teachers and students.

Mitsubishi is not only the car you want in your driveway, but it also demonstrates its commitment to you and your community in tangible ways. This is a brand worth supporting.

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