Mitsubishi’s Hybrid SUV Concept Looks Out Of This World

Mitsubishi Hybrid SUV

Mitsubishi’s Hybrid SUV Concept

For some time now, Mitsubishi has been at the forefront of design and effectively creating their own niche. Nothing says that more than the Mitsubishi Hybrid SUV Concept, The Engelberg Tourer 4×4, which they revealed at the Geneva Motor Show.

It brings with it more SUV capabilities, cutting edge technology, EV efficiency and styling to their already impressive line-up. Perhaps the look is somewhat futuristic but they certainly made the right choice going all out dramatic with the design. Their new hybrid SUV concept literally stood out at the Geneva Motor Show and while it’s probably too ‘out there’ for a production car, what they’ve built should not go unnoticed.

With the exterior design and styling attracting all the attention, there is more to The Engelberg Tourer 4×4. Considering that SUVs, electric vehicles and all things off-road seem to be a trend at the moment, Mitsubishi needed a serious contender in the already crowded marketplace. They have done just that with a super-efficient hybrid SUV with aggressive styling and capabilities.

Hybrid EV Technology

The central core of Mitsubishi’s ‘Dendo Drive House’ concept is that your house would have a battery which is connected to solar panels and hooked up to your car. This is what the ‘Dendo House’ “bi-directional” charging system is all about where you could hypothetically power all of your appliances with energy from the photovoltaics and your hybrid car’s battery. Essentially, the car would replenish its own battery with regenerative braking and the engine. Alternatively, the solar system can also recharge the car.

There have been similar proposals from OVO energy and Tesla but unlike those programs, Mitsubishi says they are actually offering the product in Japan soon and perhaps even Europe later this year. If you need more proof that this concept is the real deal, Mitsubishi has released a short explainer video.

For anyone who knows the history behind Mitsubishi, they are more than car manufacturers. It is no surprise that they’ve ventured into EV tech as they’ve been building air conditioners, TVs and other appliances for quite some time.

Much has happened to the Japanese conglomerate since then and Mitsubishi has given the world plenty to talk about. Over the last few decades, they’ve produced cars like the Montero, Lancer Evolution, 3000GT and the first two generations of the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Let’s not forget the new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Triton and Outlander.

Mitsubishi Hybrid SUV Could Be The Future

Turning our attention to the future though, The Engelberg Tourer 4×4 may just be the next best thing. Perhaps the design is somewhat out there with the sculpted fenders, front scoops and contours but tone it down slightly and a production version could be a winning recipe for the mass market.

Preliminary reports suggest a 43-mile electric range and 435-mile total range and while it’s not groundbreaking, the technology and future potential is exceptional. If they do go into production and if the price is right, the Mitsubishi Hybrid SUV is set to become a popular adventure vehicle. Considering the powertrain and fuel economy with its twin-motor four-wheel drive system, it’s time to explore the unknown.

While the Japanese automaker hasn’t released any information on the production plans, one can imagine that Mitsubishi is rather excited about getting this into showrooms. For more information on local and international motoring news, keep an eye on our blog or follow us on Facebook. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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