COVID-19 | CORONA VIRUS – Statement from the MD

Group 1 Motors

Supporting Our Customers & Staff. Together we curb the spread.

Dear Customers,

We do not often communicate as a group to our various brand customers, however, we believe this situation requires the most efficient communication method.

GROUP 1 MOTORS now represents the following brands alphabetically:

  • Group 1 (This is our combined pre-owned offering)
  • Group 1 Datsun
  • Group 1 Hyundai
  • Group 1 Mahindra
  • Group 1 Mitsubishi
  • Group 1 Nissan
  • Group 1 Renault

On Saturday 14 March I distributed the basic Corona Virus precautionary plan to the senior management of the group for immediate implementation.

On Monday 16 March we added to our precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our customers and our staff.


These measures include:

1. Self sanitisation for all customer-facing staff.

2. Sanitising of all common areas and areas that are regularly touched by customers or staff – we have
redeployed our vehicle wash bay staff to assist with these activities to make sure that regular wipe-downs
occur of all common areas.

3. Hand sanitisers are being distributed to all customer-facing staff for customer and staff use.

4. Self-isolation is promoted for any sick staff.

5. Education of staff and customers as much as possible to reduce the impact for us all.

We ask for your patience and understanding if the outside of your vehicle is not as clean as it has been after previous services, the staff in our wash bays will be redeployed to make our facilities safe and sanitised. As always the vehicles in our service centres have protective gear (steering wheel covers and seat covers etc) and the inside of vehicles and outside touch points will be sanitised before customer collection.

Group 1 Motors will be vigilant and responsible in carrying out our duties to you our customer. We will also seek opportunities to assist in the communities where we serve.


In your service

Marcel Swanepoel

Managing Director

Group 1 Motors Automotive Group

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