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Mitsubishi Trade-In Valuation And Mitsubishi Cars Book Values

There comes a time in almost every vehicle owners life that they decide to Trade-In their beloved car so that they can upgrade to a better one or even in some instances downgrade to a smaller vehicle. When this happens one of the first things they think about is the Book Value and what the actual current value of their vehicle might be. This is when we at Group1 Mitsubishi step in, because not only are we great at selling cars, but we’re also always on the lookout for Mitsubishi and other Motoring Brand Trade-ins, and will only be too happy to assist you with selling your car.

Mitsubishi Book Value

Mitsubishi vehicles retain their value well over time, but what will really help you understand the true value of your vehicle is the Book Value of Your Mitsubishi. Not only will it allow you to make the correct buying and selling decisions moving forward, but it will also ensure that you get the best possible deal when trading your older vehicle in. If you would like to find out what the current book value of your Mitsubishi or another vehicle brand is, then please request a Vehicle Evaluation using the Evaluation Request Form on this page, from our Group1 Mitsubishi Showrooms strategically situated just outside of Cape Town in the Western Cape.

What is Book Value?

Simply put Book Value is the current cash value of your vehicle if sold right now. Although this value will depreciate over time, there are a number of influencing factors that can help your vehicle retain more value for longer. These Trade-in Value Factors include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Model Type and Age: Is it an SUV, sedan, LCV or Crossover, and how old is it? These factors will play a big part in how much you’ll be offered when trading your vehicle in so ensure that your expectations are based on what type of vehicle you’re selling.
  • Brand Counts: Certain vehicle brands, such as Mitsubishi, retain their value for longer based on the manufacturers reputation for reliability and quality. Remember this when both selling your old car and purchasing a new one!
  • Accessories: Some optional accessories when added to a vehicle will add to its value but others might not. Be sure you understand what you’re doing when adding an additional feature to your vehicle and always remember that using non-genuine parts can have a negative effect on the final book value of the car when you’re trying to sell it.
  • Mileage Matters: In most cases the lower the mileage the better the better the book value.
  • Vehicle Condition: Has the vehicle been looked after (regular vehicle services), has it been in an accident, or is there a rust, dents or scratches? All of these factors will influence the Book Value, so always ensure that your vehicle is well looked after and serviced regularly at a reputable service centre.

An Important Note! If you choose to submit your Mitsubishi Trade In and Book Value request via the Vehicle Evaluation Request Form on this site we will only be able to give you an estimated value for your vehicle. The actual Trade in and Book Value can only be established once you’ve brought the vehicle into us for a detailed check. To ensure that we give you the most accurate estimate as possible, please ensure that you submit all of the correct vehicle information to us. Contact us at Group1 Mitsubishi today to find out more about our Trade-in Evaluations and Book Value.

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