Next-Gen Mitsubishi Triton Gets Strong Hybrid Powertrain

Mitsubishi Triton

Mitsubishi Triton

A Mitsubishi engineer has hinted that the next-generation Mitsubishi Triton bakkie will have a “very tough” and “very strong” hybrid powertrain. Due in a few years, it’s the first time this powerhouse will have the option of hybrid power which is an exciting prospect.

Masahiro Awano, the chief engineer for the Eclipse Cross PHEV, confirmed that their plug-in hybrid engine will be suitable for off-road models including the Mitsubishi Triton and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. However, the automaker is undecided whether it will be a plug-in hybrid or if it will combine it with a petrol or diesel engine.

Electrifying The Next-Gen Mitsubishi Triton

Global chief operating officer of Mitsubishi Motors, Ashwani Gupta, stated that the next-generation Mitsubishi Triton and Nissan Navara bakkies will look different but share underpinnings and technology. It will likely feature some form of electrification with a “substantially” larger, boxier frame than the current model.

According to Mr Gupta, the next Mitsubishi Triton should be technical enough to have electrification. He continued by saying that one of the core strengths of Mitsubishi is to have electrification and internal combustion engines in the same car as they don’t have the policy to develop a dedicated electrified vehicle.

As part of the alliance, Mitsubishi Motors have the combined knowledge, experience and technology to use the same platform and adapt it for use with internal combustion engines and electrification. Mitsubishi is now in the process of studying the “specific requirements of the next Triton, which is towing capacity and payload, whether our existing PHEV technology will fulfil these specific requirements.”

What To Expect From The Mitsubishi Triton PHEV

With Nissan and Mitsubishi sharing a manufacturing plant in Thailand, the two alliance members are working together on this transition but the goal is to beat the Nissan Navara to the finish line.

Let’s face it, what better car-making duo is there to add electrification to a bakkie than Mitsubishi and Nissan? They’ve already established themselves with the technology in the shape of the Nissan LEAF which continues to be one of the world’s best-selling electric vehicles along with New Zealand’s best-selling plug-in hybrid, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

Considering the current Mitsubishi Outlander powertrain is a 2,4-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine coupled with an electric motor on each axle plus a 13,8 kWh lithium-ion battery, the new Mitsubishi Triton could have a similar set of specs.

When asked if the next Triton would be a petrol or diesel hybrid and have the option of plug-in power to give it a modest electric-only driving range, Mr Gupta said: “We are working on two or three options to come up with the right electrification strategy.”

In July 2020, Mitsubishi confirmed the launch of the next-generation Triton was scheduled for 2022 as part of its leaner mid-term plan. The new bakkie-based Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is set to follow in 2023.

Masahiro Awano stated that “our current PHEV system is very tough and also very strong, smooth and quiet. Therefore, the upgrading of the PHEV system will be installed in next-generation vehicles. Currently, the Eclipse Cross PHEV has the same hardware systems as the Outlander PHEV. Electrification studies we’re reviewing but currently, I can’t say any more.”

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